AcclimatiseMe was founded by Sport Scientist Chris Hale (BSc, MBM) as an affordable, accessible and effective solution to simulated altitude training. With market leading technology at our disposal, the AcclimatiseMe pods are unique in the sense they adapt to each individual, pushing you as hard as you can go. We also have the unique capacity to get down to 7% oxygen (the top of Kilimanjaro is 10%), where most of the other systems on the market can only get down to 9% oxygen.

Our focus is to make altitude more accessible than it has ever been by leasing the pod at home, so you can carry out the training at your own leisure. Perfect for acclimatising before heading to altitude for a trek, or to ski and perfect in the lead up to an important sporting competition. Altitude is our passion, and with an expert skier and climber onboard, as well as a sport scientist, between us we can answer any of your questions!

Our target is to be trading in a business to business manner with travel companies, ski centres and climbing centres enabling us to provide our fantastic service on a more local level.